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Diverse Membership Across the Country

Lambda Car Club International is the largest collector car club in North America for LGBTQ people and their friends and allies. There are 32 active regions throughout the United States. All vehicles of any age or condition are welcome at club events. You don't even need to own a car to belong. You do need to enjoy vehicles and social fellowship with LGBTQ people who also enjoy vehicles. Click on "Region Finder" above to view a map of our region locations and find the region nearest to you.

Join Us, Meet People, Go Places

LCCI has two membership types for our primary members. Dues are $31 per year for those who wish to access our newsletter, Driveshaft, using our website. Dues are $39 per year for those who also wish to receive a mailed copy of the newsletter. In addition, sign up your spouse, partner, roomie, friend, cat, whoever, for only $5 more per year as an associate member. Regional membership is optional, and costs more, but you'll meet more people and go more places.

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